Join the green revolution with EkoFARMER

Exsilio Oy is currently looking for co-creation partners for Finland’s most innovative urban farming project. EkoFARMER is a resource-efficient farming chamber for small-scale urban farming. It combines high-tech solutions with the easiness and safety of locally produced healthy and clean ecological food. Join us to make a difference.

Ecological values and green thinking are increasingly taken into account in company strategies. Choosing locally produced food is a growing trend that besides food provides new competitive elements for companies and extra income for associations and micro-enterprises. Exsilio Oy is a forerunner in providing a new type of eco-friendly farming solution with almost non-existant carbon footprint for the Finnish market. EkoFARMER combines technological advancements with all the benefits of urban farming. This container-shaped farming chamber produces crop all year long, it can be placed anywhere without need to compromise on food safety or quality.

EkoFARMER is an innovative farming chamber that enables businesses to utilize efficient and profitable urban farming methods. The unit itself is based on a shipping container that easily can be installed almost anywhere. Businesses, municipalities, organisations, and small-scale farmers can all benefit from the EkoFARMER. The best aspects of the unit are its adaptability, safely produced food and flexible operation:

  • you can place the EkoFARMER in almost any location you wish – city centers or rurally
  • you may grow your own choice of e.g. herbs, salads, and seedlings, even non-food plants
  • you can adjust the farming conditions inside the chamber for optimal growth of the chosen plant, shorten plant cycles and improve the yield
  • you will have access to safely produced local food with an even quality all year round
  • you will use the unit’s farming resources efficiently and in an environmentally sound fashion
  • you become a part of bringing urban farming to a whole new level in Finland

EkoFARMER transforms small-scale urban farming initiatives into a viable urban farming possibility for businesses of all size. Right now you have the chance to become co-creation partners with Exsilio Oy and take part in developing EkoFARMER. At this point of the unit’s development, you will be able to give input for the final design.

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