Urban Farming

Urban farming – greener cities

One of the biggest green trends today is urban farming (also known as urban agriculture). Simply put, urban farming can be any type of farming that takes places in a city environment. Possibilities vary from tiny farming plots in private yards to large rooftop gardens. During difficult times, urban farming has been successfully used to prevent food shortages, and even today this method of farming provides extra nourishment and income to many families in e.g. developing countries.

In Finland, urban farming has more to do with environmental thinking than everyday survival. Urban farming is seen as a perfect opportunity to bring the nature back to the cities. Self-grown food is also perceived as a healthy and safe alternative to store-bought vegetables. In a world where it is almost impossible to truly know, where your food comes from, locality has become a huge selling point.

Can urban farming be profitable?

Companies, municipalities, and organisations would often want to invest in safely grown local food, but the options to do this in an economically sound fashion are limited. Traditional small-scale farming does not meet the productivity demands of businesses, restaurants, or cafés that might want to use self-grown products.

For a long time, this has been a major drawback for any organisation willing to take part in the green revolution known as urban farming. Luckily, latest advancements in farming technology are making it possible to grow crop all-year round in almost any location, urban or rural – and most importantly, efficiently and with low production cost.

Think ecologically now – secure a greener tomorrow

Since traditional urban farming models cannot cater to the needs of modern companies, the solutions have to be modern as well. Second generation farming modules like EkoFARMER are the future of profitable urban farming.

These modules can be freely placed anywhere in a city environment. The unit is carbon-neutral, it does not waste water or heat and it provides crop cost-effectively. Urban farming does not belong in the past – with EkoFARMER, it is a part of a brighter future.

Join the Green Revolution with EkoFARMER

Exsilio Oy is currently looking for co-creation partners for Finland’s most innovative urban farming project – EkoFARMER. Become a part of the EkoFARMER co-creation team and bring the nature back to the cities! Which shade of urban green is the best match with your business strategy? This is a chance for YOU to reshape and grow the markets.