Seedling & Sapling Production


Efficient seedling farming in carefully optimized and automated growth environment.

EkoFARMER NURSERY is a farming unit specifically designed for seedling production. With the help of this compact unit of 30m2 farming conditions can be optimized to enhance the growth, reduce the growth cycle and produce an even crop from batch to batch. Depending of the plant the output can be 2500 seedlings a day or 900000 per year.

Using EkoFARMER NURSERY reduces dependence of imports and introduces a controlled domestic product. Its constant high quality opens a new market.

Product specifics

  • automated growth environment for optimal light, moisture and CO2 levels
  • for a stable and even seedling quality
  • hygienic and clean production environment
  • maximal seedling output
  • a purpose built farming unit that is easy to place and operate (power and water required)
  • service concept available for maintenance and service
  • leasing arrangement possible