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Growing interest for vertical farming

Urbanisation, human population growth and climate change all contribute towards the need of more efficient farming methods for fresh and clean food. One of the solutions is vertical farming where plants are grown in layers using specially designed artificial lights.

Press Release: Farming module provides locally produced food all year round

Exsilio, a Finnish enterprise, has developed a high-tech solution for cultivating salad and herbs, among others, in urban environments. The solution comprises a renovated container, where ecological local food can be cultivated efficiently. “Our solution is ideal for example for restaurants and institutional kitchens wanting to produce their own ingredients. The modules also serve as an excellent option for farmers to replace their traditional greenhouses with”, explains Thomas Tapio, CEO of Exsilio.

EkoFARMER Now Addressing Markets

Urban farming is by no means a new phenomenon but it is taking new shapes and coming back to towns stronger than ever. Effective farming methods like automated vertical farming is literally going to take fresh food supply into new heights. Especially crowded cities with little space and long transportation distanced or badly poluted areas are in great demand of clean healthy daily food.

Welcome to join the green revolution by investing in EkoFARMER

Exsilio Oy is currently looking for co-creation partners for Finland’s most innovative urban farming project. EkoFARMER is a resource-efficient farming chamber for small-scale urban farming. It combines high-tech solutions with the easiness and safety of locally produced healthy and clean ecological food. Join us to make a difference.