Growing interest for vertical farming

Urbanisation, human population growth and climate change all contribute towards the need of more efficient farming methods for fresh and clean food. One of the solutions is vertical farming where plants are grown in layers using specially designed artificial lights (check this short educative video).

EkoFARMER is a second generation solution to growing small scale ecological vegetables or e.g. herbs in a compact container format. This closed vertical system, based on a passive house system, produce daily crops independent from external weather conditions summer and winter. The controlled environment makes it useful for both commercial and scientific purposes allowing new varieties to be researched and introduced on the market. Bringing these containers into an urban environment will see the overall market grow because of new alternative locations, the technology itself as well as new uses / business opportunities.

The first vertical farms in container format where introduced in the US in 2013 and they gradually now appear also in Europe. Exsilio oy made a large media campaign for EkoFARMER sending out, via INS, information to over 2000 medias globally. We where curious to understand what interest would be generated by what prospective clients. The early results exceed our expectations with an interest from different parts of the world. Interestingly the use areas not only covered farming of food per se but also the social aspects that this system brings about.

  • Fresh and clean food for India, Iran and Latin Americas
  • Jobs in rural areas in South Africa
  • City planning among architects
  • Industrial partnering in energy (Italy and Germany)
  • Business expansion in Belgium, UK
  • Community economics in Canada and Turkey

When we also consider a general interest in medicinal plants and the needs in the cosmetic industry (new raw materials) or micro seedlings (speed and volume) for the forest industry as well as shopping centers (more customers) EkoFARMER can serve a wide user group.

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Dear Sirs;
We would be pleased if you let us know more about your plan in our country -Iran.
Thank you in advance and hopping to hear from you at your earliest convenience .
Sincerely yours;
M. Valinejad
Cell Phone : 00989121039468

Dear Mahmoud!
Thank you for your interest in EkoFARMER closed vertical farming module. We are pleased to inform that we are presently conducting discussions in Iran. Since our system allow for a multitude of usages we would welcome your ideas separately. Looking forward to hearing from you e.g. via e-mail firstname.surname@exsilio.fi
Yours sincerely

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