Farming Module

Ultra Modern Second Generation Farming Module

EkoFARMER is an ultra modern second generation farming module that can produce crop in almost any location, whether urban or rural. EkoFARMER utilises high-tech solutions to ensure an optimal growth environment for almost any crop imaginable. The only limitations for choosing plants are related to the height of the unit, which is approximately the same as in containers used in shipping. Otherwise, this temperature and humidity controlled module produces any chosen crop all year round, 24 hours a day.

Farming Made Simple

  • Inside the EkoFARMER, the crop is organised in layers that maximise the growing space of the module
  • Most of the farming processes are automated, so no human interaction is needed in e.g. watering the plants
  • Fully automated processes can be manually controlled to obtain the perfect growth environment for any given plant

Grown Local Food 365/7/24

  • The efficiency and profitability of the EkoFARMER unit relies on the passive house concept
  • EkoFARMER does not waste water, heat or fertilizers because the module forms a fully closed farming conditions
  • With these perfectly adjustable settings, the user will have access to safely grown local food any time of the year

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Supporting Sustainability and Green Values

EkoFARMER’s environmentally controlled settings have substantial benefits for both the environment and the user. Since EkoFARMER does not waste resources, it is a sustainable solution for eco-friendly companies willing to do their part in the green revolution. EkoFARMER is also a financially sound option for any establishment that wants to produce their own crop. Shorter plant cycles within the module correspond with improved harvest. EkoFARMER is the easiest and most efficient solution to small-scale farming.

Economical benefits for entrepreneurs and municipalities

Businesses, municipalities, and organisations of all sizes can benefit from the possibilities EkoFARMER can provide. Restaurants can use EkoFARMER to grow their own locally produced crop, and large companies can serve self-grown ecological food in the company cafeteria. Smaller businesses and organisations can reap financial benefit from all-year round farming. The possibilities are almost endless since EkoFARMER can be used almost anywhere.

Join the Green Revolution with EkoFARMER

Exsilio Oy is currently looking for co-creation partners for Finland’s most innovative urban farming project – EkoFARMER. Become a part of the EkoFARMER co-creation team and bring the nature back to the cities! Which shade of urban green is the best match with your business strategy? This is a chance for YOU to reshape and grow the markets.