EkoFARMER Now Addressing Markets

Urban farming is by no means a new phenomenon but it is taking new shapes and coming back to towns stronger than ever. Effective farming methods like automated vertical farming is literally going to take fresh food supply into new heights. Especially crowded cities with little space and long transportation distanced or badly poluted areas are in great demand of clean healthy daily food.

EkoFARMER, a closed farming chamber with state-of-the-art greenhouse technology, will offer not only the farming industry increased business opportunities but also e.g. the food, pharmaceutical and the fragrance industry can benefit. Similarly non-profit organizations can earn an extra income and individuals have a chance to set up their (micro)enterprises to earn a living. The key to a growing market is found in new farming locations, technology and business models that anyone can benefit from.

In search for co-creation partners EkoFARMER is now intensifying its marketing by launching new websites and entering a media campaign throughout global German and English publications in addition to Finnish and Swedish. We are open to discuss business models and new farming opportunities with anyone interested in future urban farming.

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