Commercialized by Exsilio

EkoFARMER  is developed and commercialized by Exsilio Oy, Finland.


Our team is dedicated to developing and commercializing innovations or innovative business ideas mainly in GreenTech and LifeSciences.

Our strategic logic is based on building innovative and sustainable value for our customers by defining exceptional customer values based on validated information from the market using the tools and ideology of Blue Ocean strategy. A successful growth strategy will allow for rapid and profitable market acceptance in a non-competitive market environment.

We presently work on EkoFARMER that is to be the first closed farming system with business models that boost our customers business opportunities and would see the overall market grow.

You can learn more about us by visitig Exsilio Oy webpage.

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Thomas Tapio
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Our Mission
Exsilio Oy is specializing in developing and commercializing new innovations within GreenTech and LifeSciences. Our clients would be start-up or SME’s that want to grow, develop and internationalize their business. They aspire for a rapid market acceptance in a non-competitive market environment.
Our Goal
Our aim is to create an innovative growth strategy and business model based on exceptional and innovative customer values adapting both differentiation and low cost strategies simultaneously. Commercialization is discussed and agreed with the customer and can e.g. include spinn-off arrangements, product launches or e.g. licensing.
Our Principals
We work for the best of your company. You are offered tailor made solutions that relate back to your overall strategic intent and mission as well as the competitive environment in your field. They will understand the true market demand, and based on that, define exceptional buyer values that may open up new business opportunities at reduced risks.