What is EkoFARMER?

EkoFARMER is a farming module that utilises modern technological solutions for urban farming and producing local food. This shipping container shaped farming unit actually contains hi-tech machinery and components that are used to create a temperature and humidity-controlled environment for efficient all-year round farming.

Who can use EkoFARMER?

For Companies & Municipalities

One of the best aspects of EkoFARMER is the module’s adaptability for the needs of different users. Companies can utilise EkoFARMER for profitable, self-sustaining small-scale farming in almost any surroundings. Municipalities and organisations can use EkoFARMER as a means to provide meaningful work for e.g. unemployed people.

For Farmers & Gardeners

Full-time farmers can increase their crop and produce harvest in any location without the need to invest in inflexible greenhouses.

EkoFARMER can even become the basis of a successful micro-company.

What makes EkoFARMER so special?

EkoFARMER is the most reliable and efficient solution for urban farming and small-scale local farming. At the moment, there are no truly cost-effective and economically viable farming solutions for companies or organisations that wish to produce their own crop.

The farming module can be placed in any desired location in urban or rural areas. Inside the EkoFARMER, crop can be grown 24/7 all year round without having to compromise on food quality or farming efficiency. Customers have access to a truly fresh and vitamine rich produce every day.

EkoFARMER can be used to grow anything from salads and herbs to non-food like flowers and medicine plants. Choose your own crop to grow and introduce new varieties to the market. Traditional greenhouse farming pales in comparison with the EkoFARMER module in all aspects from flexibility to productivity.

EkoFARMER offer an energy efficient, closed and controlled farming environment. It has a minimal carbon foot print and uses no pesticides or herbisides.

Suitable for all enterprises and non-profit organisations that want to produce their own crops and earn an extra income. EkoFARMER capabilities increase existing market opportunities.

Looking for Co-Creation partners

Exsilio Oy is currently looking for co-creation partners for Finland’s most innovative urban farming project – EkoFARMER. Become a part of the EkoFARMER co-creation team and bring the nature back to the cities! Which shade of urban green is the best match with your business strategy? This is a chance for YOU to reshape and grow the markets.